Global Snakebite Initiative (GSI) has long championed needle-moving research projects and provided resources to the committed champions on the ground who have the tools and expertise but lack funding to change the course of their communities. Our contact with frontline community educators means we can get funding to those who need it most quickly and efficiently. The more this fund grows, the more we can enable passion and tangible outcomes.

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GSI has two ways in which we support those on the ground:

First, by providing small annual assistance grants and durable donations for ongoing community education work.

Secondly, by providing project-specific grants to carry-out research or implementation projects in the areas of education and prevention, health worker training, data collection and communications.


Annual Assistance Grants

Community educator in Cambodia's Banteay Meanchey province promoting snakebite awareness to at-risk agricultural workers.

Community educator in Cambodia’s Banteay Meanchey province promoting snakebite awareness to at-risk agricultural workers.

From sub-Saharan Africa to Southeast Asia, Latin America and Oceania, we’ve seen it all too often.

A passionate and dedicated community educator on the ground who sets out to promote snakebite awareness programs in schools, churches and rural villages with little to no resources. Often, they reach into their own pocket to pay for bus fare. They push on without means to print education materials or print enough to distribute. They often lack a projector to make an effective presentation or a simple microphone and speaker to amplify to crowds.

We need these champions to be successful and feel supported, because without them, community engagement doesn’t exist. We want them to grow their geographic footprint and scale their programs to empower even more at risk.

Through small assistance grants, durable donations and discretionary support for attending conferences, creating short films or translating materials, GSI is proud to enable those who in turn save life and limb.

Project Grants

A young global health movement like snakebite requires supporting meaningful and impactful projects in all corners of the globe.

GSI has been honored to support not just young researchers and community educators, but those with the heart to implement snakebite management trainings with traditional healers and clinicians or projects to collect hospital and community incident data.

And we love this new one currently underway in Rwanda: a radio communications campaign to bring important prevention messages to rural, at-risk communities who’d otherwise never receive life-saving advice.

Whether projects come to our doorstep or our partners and experts have an idea to bring to the ground, GSI believes scalable, well-monitored programs, supported by small grants, can scale to other countries and bring about change in communities by doing things that matter.


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