Global Snakebite Initiative USA Foundation’s
Mission, Vision, Values

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Our Mission

We take collaborative action to reduce snakebite death and disability by designing and supporting community engagement programs, through hands-on and online training of frontline health workers, and to improve the quality, effectiveness, and affordability of treatment options globally.

Our Vision

We look to a future where reducing death and disability from snakebite will in turn alleviate the secondary effects: staggering financial hardship, social stigma and mental suffering. GSI has a vision for what “can be” after decades of what “hasn’t been.”

We believe no person should be condemned to a life of poverty, simply because they were unfortunate to have been bitten by a snake.

We see a time when health workers finally feel confident and competent to successfully treat those in their community.

A time where those at risk learn to live in harmony with the creatures which are key to the success of their ecology.


Our Values

We are “doers” and act with empathy, purpose and passion. We are driven by those we’ve met in countries far and wide who have suffered and desperately want better outcomes. In turn, we support those on the ground who share these values, implementing country-led solutions for their fellow citizens.

We listen to the needs of impacted communities, guided by the experience of frontline experts and informed by research to design and support bespoke, sustainable and needle-moving projects.

We act with a pioneering spirit, motivated by the achievements made in this young global health movement and the desire to fill gaps as identified by those on the frontlines.

We are nimble and always open to explore new areas of need and collaboration to support short and long-term projects.

We have, and will always play a leading role in fostering community and to support the growth of our movement with new voices and aligned stakeholders.


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